Goa Tour Packages for the Affluent and General
18.01.2014 10:35

Goa is the ideal destination for people who love the sun and the sand. On the slopes of the Western Ghats, this young state has a lively atmosphere all year round. People flock from all parts of India and even the world to experience Goa for its majestic beaches, nostalgic churches, temples and the captivating spirit of its people. There are numerous Goa tour packages that promise the traveler a slice of the never ending festive culture of Goa.

Goa can be reached either by air, by train or by road. Reaching Goa by air by pre booked packages include a 4 days/3 nights deal where the package highlights are return fare on economy class, accommodation on twin sharing basis, breakfast with all hotel taxes inclusive. These start at 12,999 rupees per person and are very popular with the budget travelers. The tour prices escalate once you book a better property. For stays at the Radisson Blu for duration of 4 days and 3 nights, it may cost you 26,999 rupees all inclusive of economy air tickets, transfers, meals and sightseeing. For the luxury holiday packages, Goa has a lot to choose from. You can pamper yourself at Leela Goa where prices for a club suite may have the starting price of 111,999 rupees for an adult.

So, Goa Tour Packages are available for every tourist and conform to the budgets of every tourist. Ideally, the packages start at rupees 7,999 and can be stretched as much as your pocket will allow. After all, the beauty of Goa is priceless.


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